AR Data Visualization for RF Systems 

A Smarter Way to View Live RF Data

RF System Data Enabled by Augmented Reality 

AR data visualization provides heads-up RF sensor data integrated with the real-world, all through a pair of smartglasses or other mobile device. With live location and orientation data that can be tracked organically by an AR device, provide a deeply enhanced presentation of RF sensor data.

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A Connected Network 

We know what you're thinking...block diagrams are getting a bit old right? But bear with us! Organizations are now able to supplement traditional access to field data with cutting edge IoT devices such as ThirdEye's X Series Smart Glasses! By creating a connected network of RF sensors and smart devices, enable your teams to gain access to live RF data in the field. 

RF Systems Enabled by Augmented Reality

RF Systems

ThirdEye and Banc 3 are leading the way in designing and developing extremely wide bandwidth RF receiver systems. Our novel receiver systems leverage parallel channel architectures that ensure 100% probability of intercept over instantaneous RF bandwidths up to 18 GHz. Each channel in the system is processed with BANC3's Hybrid Digital Receiver, providing a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) and a Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (DIFM) receiver to provide both spectral and pulse descriptor word (PDW) data continuously to measure all RF events even in today's most challenging RF environments. Read more>

Custom RF Monitoring

Custom RF Monitoring

Our RF Systems team is eager to work with you on customizing our RF spectrum monitoring solution to maximize its effectiveness for your mission. Our modular system architecture is easily adapted to address a wide range of requirements. We have the resources in place to tailor the electrical, mechanical, RF and software components to fully satisfy your needs! 

Hands-Free Access to Live Digital Information

From live digital information overlaid directly in your FOV to safety assurances in the field, the X2 MR Glasses improve situational awareness, productivity, and efficiency!

Get Ready to Generate the Future of Visualizing RF System Data

Drone Tracking Application

- Enhance presentation of passive RF drone and aircraft tracking data

- Real-time track symbols project into 3D space for improved situational awareness

- RF data, track information, and sensor data networked from the sensor system

RF Survey Application

- Enhance presentation of RF signal strength over geography (3D heat map)

- Signal strength symbols color-coded for received power + projected into 3D space

- Display adjusted for frequency of interest, updates in real-time from RF sensor or from historical data file