Creating a Smarter Production Process 

Simplifying Manufacturing Processes 

Manufacturing organizations are facing greater production demands than ever before. With ThirdEye's X2 MR Glasses, manufacturing organizations will see immediate results including improved operating efficiency and better production output rates. (4)

Efficient Onboarding 

Manufacturing today is becoming increasingly more complex. New line workers need to get up to speed faster than ever before because of customer demand, better quality, and shorter lead times. New + less experienced workers can solve production-critical problems faster resulting in quicker production rates and better yields thanks to our IIoT and connected worker platform. (5)

Improved Collaboration

Each pair of X2 MR Glasses comes with a robust see-what-I-see platform that allows workers on the plant floor to collaborate with subject matter experts anywhere in the world in real-time. Manufacturing staff can stream what they are seeing, receive live feedback, and instructions all while staying focused and working hands-free. (6)

Optimized Workflows

Equipped with ThirdEye's X2 MR Glasses, assembly line workers can follow simplified workflows for mission critical tasks, conduct routine maintenance, reference schematics, and instructions while remaining hands-free. They can also access visual queues, 3D models, and checklists without leaving their work station.

Compliance & Security

If you are worried about security, ThirdEye's proprietary Mobile Device Management (MDM) Platform has your manufacturing facility covered. With our MDM Platform we can safeguard your devices and data at every level. One-touch device enrollment is a reality out of the box allowing your plant a seamless AR/MR evaluation and deployment. 

RemoteEye Platform 

ThirdEye is helping manufacturing organizations improve communications and streamline operations through a remote teleconferencing platform enabled by mixed reality. Experience increased team cohesion with the ability to connect with remotely located SME's in real-time that can leverage on-screen annotations for clearer instructions. Organizations are also benefitting financially from RemoteEye by reducing costs associated with employee traveling.

End-to-End Solution

Manufacturing facilities are becoming smarter and more connected when it comes to implementing automation and technology in their facility. ThirdEye can keep your workers more productive, efficient, and most of all safe in all aspects of your manufacturing operation.

X2 - Bridging the Gap Between IIoT and the Connected Worker

Workers on the plant floor can gain real-time access to data, analytics, production schedules, maintenance records, parts inventory, and other systems information without ever leaving their workstations.

Get Ready to Generate the Future of Manufacturing

Equipped with the X2s, workers on the plant floor can communicate remotely with supervisors, receive instructions in real time, diagnose production line problems and provide better support during every project more efficiently and while completely hands-free. 

Expert guidance, workflow instruction, and mixed reality collaboration are just the beginning.

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