First Responders

AR & MR Solutions for Frontline Emergency Professionals

X Series MR Glasses - Purpose Built for First Responders

ThirdEye's X Series MR Glasses are helping first responders create better outcomes in emergency situations, build safer communities, and provide life-saving first aid in times of need.

Improving streams of communication amongst first responders with augmented reality wearable solutions


Improved Communication

ThirdEye's X Series MR Glasses were engineered for telemedicine and remote collaboration. Now, emergency response professionals can have access to healthcare specialists anywhere in the world in real-time. First responders can stream what they are seeing, receive live feedback, and diagnose and treat somebody while remaining hands-free.
Accessing patient information more efficiently via a wearable pair of augmented reality smart glasses


Accessible Information

With ThirdEye's HIPAA-compliant wearable devices, EMS teams are able to connect their headsets with nearby hospital databases. In the midst of an emergency situation, first responders can access critical patient records and information in real-time. The ability to access this information all while hands-free will lead to more saved lives and better emergency situation outcomes. 

Real-time and hands-free thermography via wearable augmented reality smart glasses


Real-time Thermography

Create safer work environments for your first responders with ThirdEye's hands-free thermal sensing solution known as ThermalEye. With an attachable thermal sensor, the X Series MR Glasses real-time thermography is being used in emergency situations to detect elevated body temperatures.

Compliance & Security

If you are worried about security, ThirdEye's proprietary Mobile Device Management (MDM) Platform has your emergency response organization covered. With our MDM Platform we can safeguard your devices and data at every level. One-touch device enrollment is a reality out of the box allowing your team a seamless AR/MR evaluation and deployment. 

RespondEye Platform  

RespondEye was created as an augmented reality telepresence solution specifically for first responders. Through the use of our patented AR solution, first responders can interface directly with a see-what-I-see platform, live stream emergency situations to offsite doctors, and provide the best care possible to those who need it most.

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AR/MR Benefits

From documenting emergency situations and monitoring vital signs, to ongoing training and improved on-boarding, ThirdEye is changing the way first responders provide treatment and care to those in need. Start generating the future of emergency response with wearable augmented reality technology while allocating resources more efficiently.

First Responder Grant Program

By submitting your information below, receive free augmented reality technology for first responders through federal grant programs. After leaving your contact information, a member from our ThirdEye Support Team will work directly with you to implement first responder software with your team.

First Responder Grant Program

Get Ready to Generate the Future of First Response

Equipped with augmented and mixed reality solutions, first responder professionals can communicate remotely with specialists, receive real time instructions, diagnose problems, and provide better care during every emergency situation more efficiently and completely hands-free.  

Expert guidance, emergency protocol instruction, and mixed reality collaboration are just the beginning. 


Ready to learn more?

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Augmented reality wearable solutions for first response and disaster management