Law Enforcement

Mixed Reality Solutions for Public Safety and Policing 

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X2 - Purpose Built for Law Enforcement

ThirdEye's X2 MR Glasses are helping military branches, public safety officers, and other law enforcement units create better outcomes in emergency situations, build safer communities, and save more lives in times of need.


Improved Communication

ThirdEye's X2 MR Glasses were engineered for remote collaboration and improved team cohesion. Now, law enforcement professionals can have access to specialists anywhere in the world in real-time. Officers can stream what they are seeing, receive live feedback, and respond to an emergency situation while remaining hands-free.


Live Firing Range

With mixed reality real-world overlays, officers are able to simulate live fire ranges. Fine-tune basic marksmanship skills by superimposing virtual targets downrange and by utilizing a head mounted display (HMD) designed specifically for both eyes. The standalone X2 MR Glasses recognize the movement of the soldier's or officer's firearm while incorporating a real-world terrain environment.


Suspect Facial Recognition

Hands-free scanning gives law enforcement personnel the ability to perform potential suspect facial recognition in real-time. This revolutionary technology is aiding public safety officers and military personnel to create safer communities while apprehending criminals, terrorists, and other public enemies.

Compliance & Security

If you are worried about security, ThirdEye's proprietary Mobile Device Management (MDM) Platform has your law enforcement unit covered. With our MDM Platform we can safeguard your devices and data at every level. One-touch device enrollment is a reality out of the box allowing your team a seamless AR/MR evaluation and deployment. 

RemoteEye Platform  

ThirdEye is helping defense organizations improve communications and streamline operations through a remote teleconferencing platform enabled by mixed reality. Experience increased team cohesion with the ability to connect with remotely located SME's in real-time that can leverage on-screen annotations for clearer instructions. Organizations are also benefitting financially from RemoteEye by reducing costs associated with employee traveling.

X2 MR Benefits

From responding and diffusing emergency situations, to ongoing training and improved on-boarding, ThirdEye is changing the way law enforcement officers protect those in need. Equipped with versatile mixed reality solutions, law enforcement officers are creating safer communities and delivering the highest level of public service.

Protect and Serve with Mixed Reality Solutions

Military personnel, public safety officers, and other law enforcement units are improving situational awareness during emergency situations while better serving their communities with augmented reality wearables.

Get Ready To Generate The Future of Law Enforcement

Equipped with the X2s, public safety officers can communicate remotely with supervisors, receive instructions in real time, diffuse emergencies and create better outcomes during every situation more efficiently and while completely hands-free. 

Expert guidance, emergency instruction, and mixed reality collaboration are just the beginning.

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