MR-Enabled Remote Assistance Platform

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RemoteEye was Purpose Built to Create Connected Workforces

ThirdEye is helping organizations improve cost savings through a remote teleconferencing platform enabled by mixed reality. Experience increased team cohesion with the ability to connect with supervisors or specialists in real-time from anywhere in the world.


Improved Communication

Out of the box, ThirdEye's X2 MR Glasses come with a remote see-what-I-see teleconferencing platform. Technicians, emergency healthcare professionals, and other workers in the field equipped with RemoteEye and the X2s are able to connect with team members through a heads-up and hands-free display.


Expert Assistance

Remote expert assistance is transforming the way workforces are able to get tasks done more efficiently and effectively. With the ability to communicate with remote supervisors and/or experts in real-time, frontline workers can receive live assistance and instructions to streamline operations. Organizations are also benefitting financially from RemoteEye by reducing costs associated with employee traveling.


Live Annotations

ThirdEye has taken AR-enabled remote teleconferencing to the next level with live annotations. Remote experts/supervisors can improve communication with workers in the field by drawing on-screen annotations in the user's field of view. This functionality allows field workers to obtain more accurate instructions and feedback while continuing to complete tasks, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

How Much Money can AR and MR Save your Organization?

Wearable technology like ThirdEye's X2 MR Glasses and MR Platform are helping enterprise organizations save millions of dollars every year. Get in touch with a ThirdEye team member today to find out how much you can be saving with our solutions by following this link.

Get Ready To Generate The Future of Remote Connectivity

Equipped with the X2s, frontline workers can communicate remotely with specialists, receive real time instructions, diagnose equipment problems, and provide better support more efficiently and completely hands-free.  

Expert guidance, workflow flow instruction, and mixed reality collaboration are just the beginning. 


If you would like to learn more about how the ThirdEye’s X2 Glasses and MR Workspace Platform will transform your organization into a connected workforce, fill out the form below to run a risk-free evaluation in the field with your team. 

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